Welcome To Labour Case Management System

“The Labour Case Management System” is an initiative of the Labour Directorate, which is under the administrative control of the Labour and ESI Department, Govt. of Odisha. It is an initiative under “5T Programme”.

“The Labour Case Management System” intends to facilitate for online application of claimants under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948; Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 and Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923 and to keep track on the position of respective cases so as to ensure transparency and to deliver services with optimum utilization of technology.

This will enable all the stake holders such as Claimants, Authorities/Commissioners, Advocates, Insurers to know about the position/ status of the cases.

For smooth functioning of the system, relevant provisions of the aforesaid Acts and Rules may be referred.

  • Shri-Susanta-Singh Shri Srikanta Sahu
    Minister, Labour & ESI, Odisha
  • Smt. Anu Garg, IAS Santhanagopalan R., IAS
    Principal Secretary to Government
  • Dr. N. Thirumala Naik, IAS Dr. N. Thirumala Naik, IAS
    Labour Commissioner, Odisha